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About us

Briquetting Technology series BriqTech and PellTech ® was founded for manufacturing and supplying of complete devices for the production of briquettes/pellet from agriculture residual and wood. Recycling wood waste and vegetable residues is the mission and the most important target of our company. Briquetting Technology series BriqTech and PellTech ® comes to the European market with a wide variety of machinery and equipment for biomass briquetting and pelletizing. Our duty is to produce and supply competitive equipment, reliable operation, easy maintenance and affordable. We follow the innovation in this field and adapt to the requirements of high quality.

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Main office address:
Czech Republic, Prague, Mattioliho 3274/1
Phone: +420.703.690.240
Sales office address:
Romania, Bucharest, Bulgarus 67 st.
Phone: +40.799.111.799
Manufacturing adress:
Ukraine, Berdychiv, Shelushkova 116 st.
Phone: +380.674.337.049
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