Why Need Straw Dryer for Bio Pellets/Briquettes Production? To get the superior quality of biomass pellets or briquettes with high density, it is necessary to control the moisture of material at 10-12-14% exactly before the sawdust/straw is fed into the bunkar. Actually, this moisture content of your sawdust/straw will be a little higher or lower. Too high moisture content in your sawdust/straw will make your production failed, and then the pellets or briquette will be in low density and easy to be broken. the airflow sawdust dryer is professionally designed for drying materials like sawdust, rice hull, wood chips, wood shaving, wheat straw, and corn stalks, paddy straw , etc. Moisture in the raw materials of less than 40% can be drying one time to meet the requirement for briquettes /pellets production. Note! Straw dryer contains spark arrestor, Spark arrestor play a critical role in the prevention of fire