Quality of equipment and business partners are the most important things in achievement maximum profits from the production of briquettes from waste. To start a successful business in briquetting industry you need a big desire to make money. Production of briquettes from waste is a good example. These kinds of businesses (briquetting industry) assess high profitability and it is based on the high quality of equipment which produces briquettes from waste. The most important rule of the company “Briquetting Technology” regards the high quality of the equipment and offers the best purchasing options. It is easier to start business having proper production facilities. We say “proper” implying quality, rather than quantity. The basic factor in the selection of equipment for the production of briquettes is: functionality, reliability and simple in use. The company “Briquetting Technology” offers its own equipment for fuel briquette production and possibility to develop various briquetting lines for recycling wood, straw and other waste. We bring briquetting solutions and we have machinery for briquetting of wood waste and other biomass products. For more information, or to learn about the briquetting process, call us at…. We return to our plan how to build your successful business. The raw materials are the next issue for you, the “builders of business”. Fuel briquettes are made from various types of straw and agricultural grasses, so there is a plenty to choose from. Wood waste ranging from leaves to tree trunks, sawdust and shavings, as well as peat, straw and cereal husks suit for this. Raw materials should be sufficiently dry (10-12-14% humidity) and small (optimal fraction of no more than 7 mm) in order to obtain a quality finished product. Otherwise, it is necessary drying and grinding. In choosing floor area, consider the number of pieces and size of fuel briquetting equipment. Do not forget about inventory. Approximately, you will need premises of not less than 120 square meters provided with electric network of 380 V/50 Hz and power up to 100 kW to locate a press, an aerodynamic dryer, straw and wood shredders, an utility room, a bathroom and an administration unit. And, of course, see about working staff.