Pellet press Catalog of equipment for the production of pellets consists of several models, which differ from each other technical characteristics (dimensions, power, productivity, etc.). The products of the company “Briquetting Technology” have the following features: • The process of pelletizing straw, other raw materials for combustion in fuel boilers is automatic, manual intervention is minimized as much as possible • The main components of the design are the bunker dispenser, press, cooling line of granules. • The devices are made of durable materials of high quality, reliability and durability. • The devices are easy to operate with and maintain, no practical experience is required for use.

Model GFD-0.7
Output to <400-600-700 kg/h
Flat dies 400 mm
Die hole diameter 6-14 mm
Raw material characteristics
Fraction size Up to 3 mm
Humidity 10-12-14%
Screw conveyer 1.5 kW
Conditioner 1.5 kW
Main motor pellet press 45 kW
Vibrating screen table 0.25 kW
Conveyor belt 1.5 kW
Raw extractor 2.8 kW
Overall dimension
Length  6500-11000 mm
Width  2000 mm
Height  3000 mm