Straw shredder The Straw shredder allows you to break up the bale with a minimum of power consumption, lower noise, lower auger speeds and a minimum of wear and tear on the machinery. Consequently it is a highly durable system that can handle stones and other contamination in the straw, without any stops in production and a huge reduction in the risk of creating sparks that can cause a fire. It consists of two contra-rotating augers which are equipped with knifes to break down the bale.

Model H-119/7SN
Output to <800-1200 kg/h
Input humidity Up to 25%
Fraction size Depends on sieve size
Bale type
Number of cutting segments in augers 24
Number of hammers in a shredder 60
Engine hammer mill 45 kW
Three-phase network 380 V 50 Hz
Overall dimension
Length 1680 mm
Width 930 mm
Height 1920 mm
Weight 790 kg